Friday, March 26, 2010

Vincenzo's Room

Here it is! Vincenzo's nursery. We are just about finished. I am not quite done with the shelves.. just kind of threw things onto them for now. But it is pretty much finished! I am so happy with the way it turned out... even though I never had a "theme" like everyone kept asking about.

He will love it.

(I had trouble getting a pic of the "whole" room, but you can get the idea of it :)

Thank you to Mini and Louie for the crib... as soon as we fix the shelf, which could fall off of the wall at any moment, Vincenzo will rest safely inside it. Bridgette's mom also made Vincenzo the fabulous quilt hanging on the crib. THANK YOU! Handmade things are my favorite. He also has another quilt in the crib that Grandma Flo made for him. He is so luck to have so many people that love him.

My Ikea bouncy chair.. which I put together all on my own. My Grandma Flo made the blanked for me before we even made little Vincenzo.

Mario spent a lot of time putting together the dresser and bookshelf. Gotta love Ikea. And thank you to Tracey and Kathy for his name sign! It ended up working really well in the room.

The bottom picture on the wall in the above image is something we found that Mario drew in kindergarten and the other is from a painting that my niece Gabriela made for me. I will get right on filling those other frames. The yellow "may you always be happy" sign is my favorite. If only I could get it to stick to the wall!!

Thanks for coming over to help me put this all together yesterday Mini! Everything is perfect.

We are ready now Vincenzo... come whenever you are ready!


  1. Really, really cute! So glad you have this beautiful space to welcome your baby!

  2. Everything looks wonderful! I love the Happy sign too. Now we are all ready to meet your sweet baby boy. I am thrilled for you. ;)