Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's amazing how a bad day can be transformed into something wonderful with just one look into the face of a child.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I can blog from my blackberry. This could be interesting.


This morning, Patty and I made a trip to the park. There was a bee that would not leave him alone. And although he did not seem to be bothered, I must have looked like I was on drugs. I could not decide whether to move in and save poor Patty or run the other direction. Actually, let me rephrase that... I knew I should move in and save him, but my body would not cooperate. Eventually, I was able to pick him up and run - but the bee would not leave!! So I put him back down and shouted - "we just have to leave Patty, this bee just won't go away." To which he replied, "won't go away". Patty likes to repeat the last few words you say, it is heartbreakingly cute. I got him to "race" me towards the car. I think the bee finally flew off. He must have thought I was crazy.

I always wonder if the other moms at the park think I am Patty's nanny or his mom. I look nothing like him - so they must get it. I wonder this, because I look at them and wonder. I am never brave enough to talk to them.

We decided to go to the Biltmore - for lunch and some exploring. While trying on a pair of sun glasses, we knocked over a window display. Time to go home.


My sister had a baby over the weekend. A baby! A sweet, soft, beautiful, tiny boy. He was not supposed to join us for 5 more weeks, but he just couldn't wait. He is such a long boy. When he came out, he stretched his entire body out in all directions. I thought for a moment that he had some abnormality of long limbs. It turns out he is simply perfect. It's interesting how something so traumatic for a little one can be so beautiful to us. His cry was even magnificent. I watched his dad hold his hand and hover over him with a love that cannot be explained. A joy that is indescribable. He has this tiny little face - a little like a man - I am in love with him.

Little Jackson was born into a room filled with people who love him truly and unconditionally. Family is such a magical thing. His grandparents were able to get on planes and make it to the hospital before his birth. It was Shawn (mommy), Paul (daddy), me (the photographer :), Mary (the cousin), Tracey (the sister in-law), and his grandmas, all in the room for the grand event. Sometimes I caught myself just staring down at Shawn lying in the bed in pain - she would look up at me and I would realize it - she must have felt like a display. I'm not sure I want that many people in my room - it seems a bit overwhelming.

While holding Jackson today, I noticed that his feet are huge! I wonder if he will grow into them. He makes these little expressions, and for a minute, you might think he is a tiny little old man. But then he softens back up again and looks perfectly serene. I should get a picture of his old man face to show to him when he gets older. Although, secretly, I hope that he does not get too much older, (at least not too soon).

His mommy is doing really well - although I think she is now seriously nesting. I know that usually comes before the baby, but she was not quite ready for his arrival, so she is making up for it now. I keep telling her to sit down and tell me what needs to be done - but she feels bad asking to hold her baby. Can you believe it! You have to keep an eye out for her to longingly look in your direction - and then you have to give him up.

She loves him so much. It is amazing. I am tearing up just thinking about it now. She just keeps saying that she can't wait for me to have a baby because it is so amazing.

I can't wait either.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last Tuesday, Andrew informed me that he was going to Lego Land. On Thursday. With his Mom. Patty would have to stay back, as he is still too small to ride anything. There are also apparently a VERY scary roller coaster that "dumps you out, upside down" at this park. I asked his momma when they were planning to take him.... I take it by her reaction that she was obviously not involved in his planning.

Andrew loves legos. I mean REALLY loves them. For hours. He also loves to talk about legos. For hours. And I have learned that legos can be a great way to pass time. We build lots of houses and gardens. (I typically build really tall towers.) Sadly, I am not quite as talented as his father - which always seems to dissapoint Andrew.
"Oh, I'll just wait for my daddy to come home and build it with me."

We had a contest - because I was anxious to build my own lego contraption, rather than build what Andrew insisted I make. The idea was that you would stick your hand into the lego box and grab a handful, blindly, and then make something out of what you ended up with. I of course gave Andrew an extra handful, due to the obvious difference in the size of our hands, and I'm pretty sure he peeked. Nonetheless, he came up with a fantastically complicated and detaild machine. It looked much like a truck from the future. I was quite impressed.
"It's a flower truck and look, here are the air vents to keep them fresh and everything."

This kid has got quite an imagination.

When he was little, (which I guess he still is, so we'll say littler), he would ask me to roll him up like a burrito. He would laugh histarically the entire time I rolled him all up in the blanket, and then after I ate him, we would immediatley need to make another burrito. Mmmm.

next... dance parties

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Napkins - February 10 2009

We went to Pie Zanos for polka dot pizza. (We can't go to Mary Coyle's anymore - I have no self control and ALWAYS order and finish a chocolate shake.... for lunch. I always order it with the boys lunch too, which is terribly mean. I am telling you, I have no self control.) Anywho, about the napkins... For some reason, I decided that it was my mission to get Patty to use a napkin today. Pizza is messy. I think the gentleman sitting across from me must have thought I was crazy. In order for Patty to remember to use his napkin, I have to remind him after each bite, before his hand gracefully wipes across his chest. This is not an easy feat, he is a quick one and I am quite forgetful. I even had him holding two napkins, one in each hand, but he was quite confused by this. By the time we made it to the car, he had polka dot pizza all over his shirt - mixed with a little choco taco of course. yum.

next.... legos.

The Library... February 10 2009

Went to the public library downtown with Patty today. Forgot that the elevators were so much fun. Poor Patty. He seems to be fantastically excited and equally paralyzed at the same time. I should mention, I am terrified in these elevators. They are all windows and, in my opinion, move much to quickly, without warning. The first time I rode in one, I almost vomited. Anywho...he can only think about getting into one, the entire time we are there, and when we finally get in, he tenses up and is immediately overwhelmed with fear. The fear doesn't stop him - he is quite the daredevil - once we are out - he just wants to get back in. Seriously, I'm not sure why I thought I could "browse" for a new book with a 2 year old...

Do toddlers have a free pass in a library to be noisy? To shout out "that one", "go there" and "waterfalls" repeatedly, on every floor? Or am I supposed to remind him that "we have to be quiet when we are in a library", the whole time. What is more annoying? I'm not sure...

I have decided I would rather be at a bookstore. The books are prettier there anyway. And Patty can be as loud as he wants. We can let it all hang out.

All he could talk about were the elevators and the "Waterfalls" (translation: pond... anything H20 related is referred to by Patty as a waterfall). Anyway - we tried to read a few exciting books, but they did not, by far, compare to the ever so magnificent elevators. (Which, although Patty never forgot them, were, I'm sure, strategically placed out of view from the kid's section.) It seems like the whole time we are in the library, Patty just wants to get out. He stares intently out the back windows while I try to interest him in my pile of books. I am always trying to think of interesting things for him to do - but when it comes down to it, he is pretty much excited to do anything with me. <3

So we were back in the car. The library turned out to be quite boring, that is, unless I was interested in riding the elevators up and down for the rest of the morning. Which I wasn't. Patty seemed quite interested in the train, (translation: light rail). So I decided to sit in the parking lot for a few minutes, hoping to catch one passing by. Nothing came.

On the way to pick Andrew up from school, I took the long way. I looked back at Patty at one point and he had this smile full of sheer joy on his face. He didn't care where we were or what we were doing, he was just happy to be. Good God I love this kid. He just laughed. Does he know something I don't?

At lunch, Andrew informed me that if I exercise a lot, I can live for "twenty twenty" years. I think that is LOT of years in AndrewLand. I should really start exercising.