Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Library... February 10 2009

Went to the public library downtown with Patty today. Forgot that the elevators were so much fun. Poor Patty. He seems to be fantastically excited and equally paralyzed at the same time. I should mention, I am terrified in these elevators. They are all windows and, in my opinion, move much to quickly, without warning. The first time I rode in one, I almost vomited. Anywho...he can only think about getting into one, the entire time we are there, and when we finally get in, he tenses up and is immediately overwhelmed with fear. The fear doesn't stop him - he is quite the daredevil - once we are out - he just wants to get back in. Seriously, I'm not sure why I thought I could "browse" for a new book with a 2 year old...

Do toddlers have a free pass in a library to be noisy? To shout out "that one", "go there" and "waterfalls" repeatedly, on every floor? Or am I supposed to remind him that "we have to be quiet when we are in a library", the whole time. What is more annoying? I'm not sure...

I have decided I would rather be at a bookstore. The books are prettier there anyway. And Patty can be as loud as he wants. We can let it all hang out.

All he could talk about were the elevators and the "Waterfalls" (translation: pond... anything H20 related is referred to by Patty as a waterfall). Anyway - we tried to read a few exciting books, but they did not, by far, compare to the ever so magnificent elevators. (Which, although Patty never forgot them, were, I'm sure, strategically placed out of view from the kid's section.) It seems like the whole time we are in the library, Patty just wants to get out. He stares intently out the back windows while I try to interest him in my pile of books. I am always trying to think of interesting things for him to do - but when it comes down to it, he is pretty much excited to do anything with me. <3

So we were back in the car. The library turned out to be quite boring, that is, unless I was interested in riding the elevators up and down for the rest of the morning. Which I wasn't. Patty seemed quite interested in the train, (translation: light rail). So I decided to sit in the parking lot for a few minutes, hoping to catch one passing by. Nothing came.

On the way to pick Andrew up from school, I took the long way. I looked back at Patty at one point and he had this smile full of sheer joy on his face. He didn't care where we were or what we were doing, he was just happy to be. Good God I love this kid. He just laughed. Does he know something I don't?

At lunch, Andrew informed me that if I exercise a lot, I can live for "twenty twenty" years. I think that is LOT of years in AndrewLand. I should really start exercising.

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  1. OMG Pammy. I didn't think anything could be funner than seeing pictures of my kids when I'm not around, but this just might be (MAYBE)...Yes, Andrew is quite obsessed with living for a very long time and is excited about the exercise part - not so much about the broccoli part.