Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I had a dream last night that I was pregnant. I could feel that my tummy was stretched - it was not a "pregnant" belly - but I could feel that I was pregnant. I could feel my stomach bloating out and I LOVED IT! It threw me off all day. I remember thinking, "I am actually pregnant," and I can still remember what it felt like, now. I was so happy.

I think I have said the b word to Mario 10+ times today. It's so exciting to think that sometime this year, I could actually BE pregnant. Good God I hope so.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little princesses

So today I got to pick Andrew and his darling friend Julia from school. Out of nowhere Andrew asks me, "who is my wife gonna be?". To which I reply, "who do you want your wife to be?". He doesn't know, but I assure him that he will find out someday. Then the topic moved on to how many kids they would have. They have decided to marry each other, but Andrew can have 2 wives if he would like. 4 is a but young to be planning these things, but I humored them with questions. Julia, sweet as she is, is going to have 2 little girls at the same time. Because her "tummy is made for 2.". I wonder if one day she might actually have twin girls, and like most kids, she just knows these things.

Either way, "they're going to be princesses. Yep. They're both going to be princesses.". And they are going to be so beautiful that she is going to give them roses.

If you think that's cute... You should see her. She's a doll.