Wednesday, December 30, 2009

oh my goodness...

my husband is insisting we do a cardinals themed room for my sweet baby boy.

oh my goodness.

Right now, as I type, he is listing off all of the players he will have posters of, and why they deserve to be put up in his baby's room.

oh my goodness.

I told him that he could put one little football thing in his room... one. I am not sure yet if he is just trying to piss me off or if he is serious.

but I am terrified.

Monday, December 28, 2009

it'a a no go...

Gluten intollerant pregnant woman cannot, I repeat, cannot magically digest gluten simply because they are pregnant. No matter how tastey those meatballs are... the gluten will still make you sick. Don't even risk it.

For some strange reason... people have been asking me ever since I got pregnant, if I could now eat gluten. And although some of them.. we won't name names, don't actually beleive that I cannot eat gluten, pregnant or not, it turns out I still can't.

My baby belly is getting bigger every day. And I am loving it.

There are times when I am walking around the mall and I feel like my uterus is going to squeeze my bladder dry at any second, so I waddle to the bathroom, as if I am actually 9 months pregnant, becuase if I walk too fast or too bouncy, I will pee my pants.... or when I just can't find anything cute to wear.. but I am sure those moments will only get worse, so I will try to to complain about them now... at least not too much.

When I was a kid, I used to wake up and think, "today is the day I get to eat sweet cereal"... (We were only allowed sweetened cereal every other day). I was so excited to jump out of bed to eat my sweet cereal.. nevermind the fact thay my mom still made me mix it with un-sweetened cereal... It seriously got me out of bed... my poor child, let's hope he does not have a sweet tooth like mine. Anyway, back to the point of the story.... Now, when I wake up in the morning, I remember that I am pregnant and my belly is that much bigger. It does not nessicarily
"get me out of bed", but it does make me smile, every day. And it never goes away! Well... at least when it does go away (let's hope :) I will have a child!! And every day will be so much more exciting. And I am sure my little one won't have any trouble "getting me out of bed".

Being pregnant over the holidays was awesome... I ate lots of goodies and now it is time for a sweet tooth detox... ha ha, as if that is possible :) Maybe no more baking for a bit. (I know.... you're thinking, Pam does not bake... but when you really want some peanut butter cookies,
they are not so hard to put together.) I haven't wanted alcohol too much since I started trying to get pregnant... but every now and then a beer or a glass of wine smells and sounds really good. I will surely enjoy one after Vincenzo joins us. or two.

Thanks to everyone for the registry advice... you all sent so much!! As soon as we have a house to start putting everything in, I can start collecting some baby stuff. I took Mario to Ikea today to look at nursery furniture... let's just say Ikea is not really his thing. I think there was one
point that he told me he though he might die if I made him stay there any longer. I'll have to take a different buddy next time. He also has completely different tastes than me... and refuses to let me buy anything yet. My next buddy will need to be very open to allowing me to spend money... on whatever I like :)

I have some ideas for how I would like the nursery to look and thought I might share some with you... maybe spice things up a bit with some pictures. I am also thinking of trying to do a self-portrait belly picture.. so stay tuned for that.
the crib - hopefully with some colorful sheets.

I like these shelves... and the color, although I am hoping for white walls.

picture for his room...

That's all for now...

Happy New Year to everyone!


Monday, December 21, 2009

9 pounds...

I went to the Dr. this afternoon and was told that I had gained..... 9 POUNDS!!! Holy crap. I freaked out for a bit. Then I realized I was supposed to gain like a pound a week.. so really, I am only 4 pounds over. But good lord... I need to cut back on the sugar.

I write this as I eat one of my delicious sugar cookies....

I have also made an important decision... (those who know me know how long that might last....) I want an epidural. I know, I know... I have been saying for years that I planned to go all natural, but I looked into it... talked to a bunch of people who did it and people who chose to get the epidural, read some "natural childbirth" books and all in all... decided that natural birth is not for me. I though that I had concrete reasons not to get the epidural, but those reasons seem to have disappeared. I am very happy with my decision.

I have also been seeing another nurse midwife at the OB office and I really like her... I hope she is there when I give birth :)

That's all for now... happy christmas to everyone!


Sunday, December 13, 2009


It may be a bit early, but seeing as we are saving to buy a house soon, shopping is not an option. Registering is the next best thing!

Anywho... I was hoping that my millions of readers, (or is it 9?) would leave me some comments and let me know what you used and didn't use - based on what you got before your little one arrived. What are some of your "must have's"? What can you not live without and what have you never touched?

Thanks ladies!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

breakdown in aisle 3...

so I was at Sprouts yesterday afternoon... looking to buy some sort of oil to rub on this growing belly of mine, (I think it is important to note that I don't actually think it will keep away the ever dreadful stretch marks, but my loving husband seems all too concerned). While waiting to ask the saleswoman a question about where this "stuff"might be, I noticed she was helping everyone and their mother before me.

Now, normally, I might be super pissed on the inside, but nice on the outside... trying to act like I am actually patient. Maybe doing some huffing and puffing and tapping of my foot. This time though, when she helped the last person before me, I started to storm away, saying something incredibly rude, loud enough for the saleswoman, the customer and her young daughter to hear.
I immediately felt terrible and overheard the saleswoman say, "I am the only one here, and there are a lot of people with questions." So, I turn around and try to apologize for being so incredibly rude - although I am pretty sure I made myself look even more like a nut job - and I stormed back in between the three of them.

So now I am trying to get out of the store before she tries to help me and she finds me before I get out. And what does this woman do??? She gives me a big giant hug. Seriously, who does that? I was just so rude to this woman and she hugs me? Well.... all this kindness gets me started crying, which I then cannot stop doing. Crying so much, that I realize the humor in all of it and start mixing in some laughing with my crying. Now I must really look like a crazy woman.

I finally get out that I am pregnant and all is suddenly understood. Through the tears, she shows me some oils that she thinks I should use. I hold back the tears to get through the checkout and rush to my car where I cry all the way home.

Oh.. it's not over yet. I get home and of course Mario's brother is over. I am trying to tell them the story, but can't get anything out but this weird mixture of hysterical laughter and crying.

I was one hot mess.

I love being pregnant.

Monday, December 7, 2009

things baby vincenzo will love...

hershey's hugs
turkey sandwiches
pretty much anything chocolate...
hot chocolate
chocolate bars
chocolate ice cream
chocolate fudge.....
peanut butter cookies - lots of them...
french fries
cranberry sauce... I think I ate enough of this over thanksgiving
egg nog.. mmmmmm
maybe some berries... if I can stay on this smoothie kick

So I guess little Vincenzo can taste all the delicious food I am eating now. I am trying desperately to eat fruits and veggies but I can't seem to stop eating chocolate. I used to pass by the candy aisle in the store and not even think about buying any... now, I browse through like it is my own personal heaven and come home with bags of holiday candy. delish.

I have also stumbled upon a fabulous flourless peanut butter cookie recipe. I have made 3 batches and plan to make many many more. (Seeing as I am not a baker... it is super simple, 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp. baking powder and 1 egg. I just mix them all together and roll it out. Make small cookies and bake for 10 minutes. Just like magic... dinner is ready!)

My belly is starting to feel pretty big... I grunt when I have to get up or do anything that requires movement. Sometimes I embarrass myself getting out of the car. I make this weird grunting sound getting up and then realize that the person in the car next to me heard it thinks I am a nut job. I always laugh a little afterward, which I am sure doesn't help the situation. I can't even imagine what I am going to be like when I am actually huge... people can still hardly believe I am pregnant.

I wonder if they are just being nice...

I am almost 6 months people!!! Come on, I'm sticking it out for you!

I think he will like Christmas music too... I have been listening non-stop since just before Thanksgiving.

off to eat something... have a fabulous week!

23 weeks