Monday, January 25, 2010

growing belly

my belly seems much larger today. my little man is getting bigger. he has also been kicking around in some not so comfortable ways.

let's just say, that magical phase of laying on the couch just waiting for that one little flutter is long gone.

we are in the big leagues now. the "I need to sleep with over 40 pillows to stay comfortable at night" phase has now set in. this is no fun, seeing as I have to flip sides like 100 times before I actually fall asleep, taking my entire entourage of pillows with me each time.

and the indigestion. oh the indigestion. it is certainly not my friend. but the clerk at the circle k could tell exactly why I came into his store in a panic to find some tums, and that made me happy.

I can't believe we are getting this close! I am in my 30th week now. 30 weeks!!! I can remember being bummed out because my first pregnancy test came back negative. and now look where I am. it really is amazing.

now, if we could only get into this house fast enough for me to make a home for him.....

please keep Mario's father in your thoughts tomorrow as he will be going in for heart surgery early in the morning.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

making out with Tina Fey


so in the wee hours of the morning... in a very peculiar dream, where I was attempting to get out of a ticket, in order to avoid jail time, I ran into Tina Fey, working as a court clerk. She took a liking to me, was planning to drop my case, and after a long period talking to me, so close to my face, I could feel her nose bumping mine, and me wondering if she might be on crack, she tried to make out with me.

ahhhh... pregnancy dreams.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the great mattress dilemma...

My mother has decided that I am crazy.... and maybe I am, but only a little.

So at first, I knew I wanted an organic mattress... turns out organic is not always much better than your typical mattress, (in this great mattress debate anyway...) And I soon came up with this theory that getting a used mattress was safer than a new mattress because the toxic gasses (which have been shown to cause SIDS) have already released. (I should add here that I cannot remember where I got this information, but passed it around as if it had been researched meticulously.)

Turns out... a used mattress is much more likely to cause my sweet child harm than a new one! Somehow the gasses have already released, so the fungus is quicker to release them with a new occupant. Awesome.

So then I was stuck, again, on buying a new, organic, mattress. They really real you in out there... some sites even told my my baby would be more likely to DIE if I did not think of his well being and make the right decision in purchasing the right organic mattress. Seriously.. it is scary out there for someone as gullible as I am.

Is my baby even going to sleep in his crib?

Anywho... through all of this research, trying to find credible sources, I came across Babesafe mattress wrapping. It totally makes sense and has research and years of success to back it up. Basically, you buy this $30 plastic cover made from certain materials and wrap the mattress in it. Then, you just put a special blanket or 100% cotton towel over the top of it, top it off with a 100% cotton crib sheet, and wala! Your baby will live for years to come.

They have been studying it in New Zealand for over 10 years and since the beginning of the campaign, not 1 baby has died from SIDS when using a properly wrapped mattress. (I want to say the number is up around 200,000 babies.)

I am buying one for his crib mattress and his co-sleeper. I feel better now that this great mattress debate is over.

If you are interested... you can check it out at:

Just to add... I am sure we all grew up on these terribly unsafe mattresses and we all seem to be doing just fine.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I actually had this thought the other night while getting up for the umpteenth time to pee...

"When I have this baby I will finally get to sleep through the night without having to get up to pee every second!"


Monday, January 4, 2010

belly shots

So I am officially not very good at the whole "self belly portrait" stuff. Maybe I need to invest in a tri-pod... or teach Mario to shoot my belly :) This shot was taken in my bathroom mirror... and although I did not "change" anything in photoshop, I did have to remove a crumb on my chest from my lunch... I never looked at my appendectomy scar like this either... maybe I should have taken it from the other side.....

people are starting to notice!

People are starting to notice that I am pregnant... I love it. It is hard to imagine that in just 3 short months, we will have a baby boy!!! (tears...)


Friday, January 1, 2010


Most pregnant women probably have their very own cravings. I, on the other hand, seem to just copy Tracey's cravings. Tracey loved soda while she was pregnant, I too love soda. Even though I wouldn't come near it before I became pregnant. Tracey loved to bake. I can't stop baking. Again, even though I would never even consider it before I was pregnant.

All she has to do is tell me about something she wanted while pregnant and suddenly, I need it.

By the way.... my "no more baking sweets after the new year" rule has already been broken. I made some yummy carrot cake muffins. Delish.

My little Vincenzo (Vin-chen-zo) has been kicking up a storm lately... I wonder what he is up to in there.

Happy New Year! I am sure this will be one of many wonderful surprises.