Friday, January 1, 2010


Most pregnant women probably have their very own cravings. I, on the other hand, seem to just copy Tracey's cravings. Tracey loved soda while she was pregnant, I too love soda. Even though I wouldn't come near it before I became pregnant. Tracey loved to bake. I can't stop baking. Again, even though I would never even consider it before I was pregnant.

All she has to do is tell me about something she wanted while pregnant and suddenly, I need it.

By the way.... my "no more baking sweets after the new year" rule has already been broken. I made some yummy carrot cake muffins. Delish.

My little Vincenzo (Vin-chen-zo) has been kicking up a storm lately... I wonder what he is up to in there.

Happy New Year! I am sure this will be one of many wonderful surprises.


  1. Lol she seems to have the tv/commercial effect on you! When I was pregnant if I saw it on a show or in a commercial I just had to have it.

    Even though we spell and pronounce Vincenzio's name Vincenzio( Vin-chen-zee-oh) Dom's Italian family calls him Vincenzio lol.

    Hope all is growing well( I know corny :P)!

  2. I totally understand the cravings. Mine was a Coffee Toffee Twisted Frostee from Wendy's. I never actually had one though. I would sit at home and be teased by the commercials once my summer vacation started and I was waiting for Evan to arrive.