Monday, January 25, 2010

growing belly

my belly seems much larger today. my little man is getting bigger. he has also been kicking around in some not so comfortable ways.

let's just say, that magical phase of laying on the couch just waiting for that one little flutter is long gone.

we are in the big leagues now. the "I need to sleep with over 40 pillows to stay comfortable at night" phase has now set in. this is no fun, seeing as I have to flip sides like 100 times before I actually fall asleep, taking my entire entourage of pillows with me each time.

and the indigestion. oh the indigestion. it is certainly not my friend. but the clerk at the circle k could tell exactly why I came into his store in a panic to find some tums, and that made me happy.

I can't believe we are getting this close! I am in my 30th week now. 30 weeks!!! I can remember being bummed out because my first pregnancy test came back negative. and now look where I am. it really is amazing.

now, if we could only get into this house fast enough for me to make a home for him.....

please keep Mario's father in your thoughts tomorrow as he will be going in for heart surgery early in the morning.


1 comment:

  1. You're almost there! Only 7 more weeks and you're full term. :) He'll be in your arms soon...