Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's a Boy!

Okay.... so I was wrong, all this time. What can you do. I am having a sweet, gorgeous little boy and I couldn't be happier. It is so amazing, just to know.

Mario always said that he didn't care what the baby was, as long as it was healthy. But, judging from the smile on his face when he heard it was a boy, I think he secretly hoped it would be. Such a proud Papa.

As for me... She pointed to the little "thing" sticking out between his legs and said, "do you see this little thing right here?" I knew, of course, right away that it meant I wasn't having a girl... and for a minute, thought about saying, "no, I don't see anything there." But it was there, and yes, for a moment, I was disappointed that it was not a girl, but I was never disappointed that it is a boy. I am surprised and excited and full of emotion. I was already in love.

All of the measurements, etc., are perfect and he is as healthy as can be. 13 ounces - a can of soda... kicking around inside me. just like magic.

I am thinking that maybe I wasn't always meant to have a girl, but I was always meant to be a mom. And it feels pretty damn good.

today is the day

Well, today is the day.

Boy or girl, I will love my child with every ounce of my being. Now that we are so close to the ultrasound, I find myself hoping only for a healthy outcome. I put so much emphasis on finding out the sex, I phased out the fact that this ultrasound is to determine the health and progress of my little one. I'm not going to say, "what if...", because (just like I feel that I know it's a girl) I know our baby is perfection.

I can't wait to see my little one's big brown eyes looking up at me. Soon enough!! I am at the halfway point :)


Friday, November 20, 2009

what will it be??

The time is almost here... I keep telling everyone that it is a girl and certainly hope that I am right!! I have all of these nursery designs picked out and most of them lean towards girl, but I can just change a few picture choices and I am sure it will all be fine.

Anywho... I am not going to need to do that, seeing as it is a girl. I can't believe we find out in just 5 short days. It seems as though I have waited forever. I felt a cold coming on yesterday and all I could think about was, "what if this is the swine flu and I have to postpone my ultrasound appointment!!!"" It was really my biggest concern.

I also worry that my darling little one will not show us her stuff... or lack there of, during the ultrasound. I will be devastated. I seriously cannot wait any longer.

You'll be happy to know that I am not feeling sick anymore!! I have an appetite and LOVE to eat. I don't think I am eating enough, but it is slowly coming back to me. The only problem I have is the yucky taste left in my mouth by anything sweet. Of course, I can't just stop eating sweets... that's preposterous! My baby needs a little sweetness...

I may be posting a pic of my belly soon. It is finally big enough to share. I keep trying to get Mario to take a picture, but we have yet to accomplish that. I will most certainly post ultrasound pictures next week.

And lastly, please keep us in your thoughts.. we are hoping to be moved into a new home, all of our own, with space, glorious space, for our new little one before she arrives. We will begin looking in late December... wish us luck!

Peace out.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

there is a little person inside of me...

Last night, I felt the baby move for the first time. It was like a little person was inside kicking me. And as Katy pointed out... it is! I had always thought it would feel strange and alien.

But it was magical.

And I find myself just waiting for more.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I had a dream last night that I gave birth, painless birth, to a baby girl!! It was a little odd, seeing as it was painless and she was about the size of a 1 month old... but that is besides the point.

It was a girl!!

And it was not like I just "felt" like or "knew" she was a girl - she was all out girl. I can still see the image in my head, clear as day. They pulled her out and I saw it with my own eyes.

Now, who knows how much of that is actual intuition and how much is clouded by my almost obsessive need for a girl.. I am assuming it is intuition, it must be!

Still waiting to feel that movement in there. I must get back to my mashed potato and cucumber lunch. Yum.