Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's a Boy!

Okay.... so I was wrong, all this time. What can you do. I am having a sweet, gorgeous little boy and I couldn't be happier. It is so amazing, just to know.

Mario always said that he didn't care what the baby was, as long as it was healthy. But, judging from the smile on his face when he heard it was a boy, I think he secretly hoped it would be. Such a proud Papa.

As for me... She pointed to the little "thing" sticking out between his legs and said, "do you see this little thing right here?" I knew, of course, right away that it meant I wasn't having a girl... and for a minute, thought about saying, "no, I don't see anything there." But it was there, and yes, for a moment, I was disappointed that it was not a girl, but I was never disappointed that it is a boy. I am surprised and excited and full of emotion. I was already in love.

All of the measurements, etc., are perfect and he is as healthy as can be. 13 ounces - a can of soda... kicking around inside me. just like magic.

I am thinking that maybe I wasn't always meant to have a girl, but I was always meant to be a mom. And it feels pretty damn good.


  1. Pam, What a lovely post. I know a little boy is not what you were expecting...but everything happens for a reason and you will love your little guy beyond belief! ;) (this we know!) Plus, you will have more babies I am sure, perhaps a girl is in the plan later! And if not, God knows what is best. We are so happy for you. And glad to hear the appointment went well!

  2. It is definitely a boy, and you will have so much fu with him. I am so happy for you and glad that everything is going well and that you and the baby are healthy. Now just enjoy feeling HIM move around in there. It is all differnt when you know who is kicking you :) Congrats!