Friday, November 20, 2009

what will it be??

The time is almost here... I keep telling everyone that it is a girl and certainly hope that I am right!! I have all of these nursery designs picked out and most of them lean towards girl, but I can just change a few picture choices and I am sure it will all be fine.

Anywho... I am not going to need to do that, seeing as it is a girl. I can't believe we find out in just 5 short days. It seems as though I have waited forever. I felt a cold coming on yesterday and all I could think about was, "what if this is the swine flu and I have to postpone my ultrasound appointment!!!"" It was really my biggest concern.

I also worry that my darling little one will not show us her stuff... or lack there of, during the ultrasound. I will be devastated. I seriously cannot wait any longer.

You'll be happy to know that I am not feeling sick anymore!! I have an appetite and LOVE to eat. I don't think I am eating enough, but it is slowly coming back to me. The only problem I have is the yucky taste left in my mouth by anything sweet. Of course, I can't just stop eating sweets... that's preposterous! My baby needs a little sweetness...

I may be posting a pic of my belly soon. It is finally big enough to share. I keep trying to get Mario to take a picture, but we have yet to accomplish that. I will most certainly post ultrasound pictures next week.

And lastly, please keep us in your thoughts.. we are hoping to be moved into a new home, all of our own, with space, glorious space, for our new little one before she arrives. We will begin looking in late December... wish us luck!

Peace out.


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