Wednesday, December 9, 2009

breakdown in aisle 3...

so I was at Sprouts yesterday afternoon... looking to buy some sort of oil to rub on this growing belly of mine, (I think it is important to note that I don't actually think it will keep away the ever dreadful stretch marks, but my loving husband seems all too concerned). While waiting to ask the saleswoman a question about where this "stuff"might be, I noticed she was helping everyone and their mother before me.

Now, normally, I might be super pissed on the inside, but nice on the outside... trying to act like I am actually patient. Maybe doing some huffing and puffing and tapping of my foot. This time though, when she helped the last person before me, I started to storm away, saying something incredibly rude, loud enough for the saleswoman, the customer and her young daughter to hear.
I immediately felt terrible and overheard the saleswoman say, "I am the only one here, and there are a lot of people with questions." So, I turn around and try to apologize for being so incredibly rude - although I am pretty sure I made myself look even more like a nut job - and I stormed back in between the three of them.

So now I am trying to get out of the store before she tries to help me and she finds me before I get out. And what does this woman do??? She gives me a big giant hug. Seriously, who does that? I was just so rude to this woman and she hugs me? Well.... all this kindness gets me started crying, which I then cannot stop doing. Crying so much, that I realize the humor in all of it and start mixing in some laughing with my crying. Now I must really look like a crazy woman.

I finally get out that I am pregnant and all is suddenly understood. Through the tears, she shows me some oils that she thinks I should use. I hold back the tears to get through the checkout and rush to my car where I cry all the way home.

Oh.. it's not over yet. I get home and of course Mario's brother is over. I am trying to tell them the story, but can't get anything out but this weird mixture of hysterical laughter and crying.

I was one hot mess.

I love being pregnant.

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  1. Isn't it great that all you have to say is "I'm pregnant" and you can get away with it!?

    I love that she gave you a hug.