Sunday, December 13, 2009


It may be a bit early, but seeing as we are saving to buy a house soon, shopping is not an option. Registering is the next best thing!

Anywho... I was hoping that my millions of readers, (or is it 9?) would leave me some comments and let me know what you used and didn't use - based on what you got before your little one arrived. What are some of your "must have's"? What can you not live without and what have you never touched?

Thanks ladies!!


  1. Must have:
    -Boppy, car seat, lots of burp cloths, bouncer/swing, wash cloths, baby book, pack-n-play/bassinet (we moved ours back and forth from our room to the living room), onesies, hooded towels, camera, baby socks/mittens, SWADDLE BLANKETS!

    Never touched: half the clothes we have (especially the "really cute" ones.

  2. Must have: Boppy(especially if you're planning on nursing!, footless nightgowns(makes nighttime diaper changes a breeze!), receiving blankets(I use all mine as swaddle blankets and burp cloths), If you're going to cloth diaper the bum genius diaper sprayer(makes getting poo of diapers a whole lot easier!), hooded towels, some type of sling/wrap/baby carrier(I personally use the Moby for newborns and the Ergo for when they get older, Or a car seat of coarse, stroller, bouncer/swing(boppy makes a very cute travel swing. so it is small like a bouncer!), and a cute diaper bag(not a need but what woman/mom doesn't want a cute diaper bag/purse ;) )