Monday, December 21, 2009

9 pounds...

I went to the Dr. this afternoon and was told that I had gained..... 9 POUNDS!!! Holy crap. I freaked out for a bit. Then I realized I was supposed to gain like a pound a week.. so really, I am only 4 pounds over. But good lord... I need to cut back on the sugar.

I write this as I eat one of my delicious sugar cookies....

I have also made an important decision... (those who know me know how long that might last....) I want an epidural. I know, I know... I have been saying for years that I planned to go all natural, but I looked into it... talked to a bunch of people who did it and people who chose to get the epidural, read some "natural childbirth" books and all in all... decided that natural birth is not for me. I though that I had concrete reasons not to get the epidural, but those reasons seem to have disappeared. I am very happy with my decision.

I have also been seeing another nurse midwife at the OB office and I really like her... I hope she is there when I give birth :)

That's all for now... happy christmas to everyone!



  1. Nine pounds isn't so bad. My doctor had "the talk" with me when I had gained 10 pounds by week 12. :)

    As for the epidural, the right choice is the one that is best for you. You've done your research and weighed your options. In the end, you do what you're comfortable with. Even after your epidural experience, you can always go natural with the next baby!

  2. I agree with Mattie. Whats important is that you do your research and make an informed decision. The best we can ask for is for every woman in this country to have an amazing birth experience, but how they get there will be different. One woman's wonderful natural birth could anothers agony. If the woman is at peace with her process, and looks back fondly, then that is all that matters. :D