Monday, February 23, 2009


This morning, Patty and I made a trip to the park. There was a bee that would not leave him alone. And although he did not seem to be bothered, I must have looked like I was on drugs. I could not decide whether to move in and save poor Patty or run the other direction. Actually, let me rephrase that... I knew I should move in and save him, but my body would not cooperate. Eventually, I was able to pick him up and run - but the bee would not leave!! So I put him back down and shouted - "we just have to leave Patty, this bee just won't go away." To which he replied, "won't go away". Patty likes to repeat the last few words you say, it is heartbreakingly cute. I got him to "race" me towards the car. I think the bee finally flew off. He must have thought I was crazy.

I always wonder if the other moms at the park think I am Patty's nanny or his mom. I look nothing like him - so they must get it. I wonder this, because I look at them and wonder. I am never brave enough to talk to them.

We decided to go to the Biltmore - for lunch and some exploring. While trying on a pair of sun glasses, we knocked over a window display. Time to go home.

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