Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last Tuesday, Andrew informed me that he was going to Lego Land. On Thursday. With his Mom. Patty would have to stay back, as he is still too small to ride anything. There are also apparently a VERY scary roller coaster that "dumps you out, upside down" at this park. I asked his momma when they were planning to take him.... I take it by her reaction that she was obviously not involved in his planning.

Andrew loves legos. I mean REALLY loves them. For hours. He also loves to talk about legos. For hours. And I have learned that legos can be a great way to pass time. We build lots of houses and gardens. (I typically build really tall towers.) Sadly, I am not quite as talented as his father - which always seems to dissapoint Andrew.
"Oh, I'll just wait for my daddy to come home and build it with me."

We had a contest - because I was anxious to build my own lego contraption, rather than build what Andrew insisted I make. The idea was that you would stick your hand into the lego box and grab a handful, blindly, and then make something out of what you ended up with. I of course gave Andrew an extra handful, due to the obvious difference in the size of our hands, and I'm pretty sure he peeked. Nonetheless, he came up with a fantastically complicated and detaild machine. It looked much like a truck from the future. I was quite impressed.
"It's a flower truck and look, here are the air vents to keep them fresh and everything."

This kid has got quite an imagination.

When he was little, (which I guess he still is, so we'll say littler), he would ask me to roll him up like a burrito. He would laugh histarically the entire time I rolled him all up in the blanket, and then after I ate him, we would immediatley need to make another burrito. Mmmm.

next... dance parties

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