Monday, February 23, 2009


My sister had a baby over the weekend. A baby! A sweet, soft, beautiful, tiny boy. He was not supposed to join us for 5 more weeks, but he just couldn't wait. He is such a long boy. When he came out, he stretched his entire body out in all directions. I thought for a moment that he had some abnormality of long limbs. It turns out he is simply perfect. It's interesting how something so traumatic for a little one can be so beautiful to us. His cry was even magnificent. I watched his dad hold his hand and hover over him with a love that cannot be explained. A joy that is indescribable. He has this tiny little face - a little like a man - I am in love with him.

Little Jackson was born into a room filled with people who love him truly and unconditionally. Family is such a magical thing. His grandparents were able to get on planes and make it to the hospital before his birth. It was Shawn (mommy), Paul (daddy), me (the photographer :), Mary (the cousin), Tracey (the sister in-law), and his grandmas, all in the room for the grand event. Sometimes I caught myself just staring down at Shawn lying in the bed in pain - she would look up at me and I would realize it - she must have felt like a display. I'm not sure I want that many people in my room - it seems a bit overwhelming.

While holding Jackson today, I noticed that his feet are huge! I wonder if he will grow into them. He makes these little expressions, and for a minute, you might think he is a tiny little old man. But then he softens back up again and looks perfectly serene. I should get a picture of his old man face to show to him when he gets older. Although, secretly, I hope that he does not get too much older, (at least not too soon).

His mommy is doing really well - although I think she is now seriously nesting. I know that usually comes before the baby, but she was not quite ready for his arrival, so she is making up for it now. I keep telling her to sit down and tell me what needs to be done - but she feels bad asking to hold her baby. Can you believe it! You have to keep an eye out for her to longingly look in your direction - and then you have to give him up.

She loves him so much. It is amazing. I am tearing up just thinking about it now. She just keeps saying that she can't wait for me to have a baby because it is so amazing.

I can't wait either.

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