Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Napkins - February 10 2009

We went to Pie Zanos for polka dot pizza. (We can't go to Mary Coyle's anymore - I have no self control and ALWAYS order and finish a chocolate shake.... for lunch. I always order it with the boys lunch too, which is terribly mean. I am telling you, I have no self control.) Anywho, about the napkins... For some reason, I decided that it was my mission to get Patty to use a napkin today. Pizza is messy. I think the gentleman sitting across from me must have thought I was crazy. In order for Patty to remember to use his napkin, I have to remind him after each bite, before his hand gracefully wipes across his chest. This is not an easy feat, he is a quick one and I am quite forgetful. I even had him holding two napkins, one in each hand, but he was quite confused by this. By the time we made it to the car, he had polka dot pizza all over his shirt - mixed with a little choco taco of course. yum.

next.... legos.

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