Friday, March 12, 2010

dixie cups

I woke up quite early this morning, well, not early for some of you, but early for me. (Andrea reminded me not to complain just yet, as she had been up since 4am.. and was at work. I seem to lead quite the glorious life.

Anywho... I was seeing some flashing lights and could not seem to focus on my computer screen, and the Dr. suggested I come in for some tests. Once of which was peeing in a cup... a dixie cup. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but my very strange Dr.'s office has their patients pee into tiny dixie cups. This may not seem so bad, until you get into the bathroom where the light is so dim, you can't see your hand when you are trying to pee into this tiny opening. Of course you get pee on the cup and your hands and then they want you to bring it out to them. So I try my best to clean off the cup and add a few more underneath it, you know, for padding. Then I always start to wonder if I was actually supposed to pee into the dixie cups. I look around for some plastic version of the the urine cup and find nothing. I wonder if everyone feels strange about this?

Tests were all clear. Nothing to worry about... and they always say, "if it happens again this weekend, we want you to go straight to the hospital," which makes me quite nervous. Do I really need to go to the emergency room if I see more flashing lights, even though it meant nothing this time?

Little Vincenzo is apparently in the perfect position and his heartbeat sounds great. This makes me feel good.

We should be moving next week... and I will certainly post some nursery pictures when it is all ready! I can't wait.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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