Tuesday, March 9, 2010

loving my baby

I am really just bored and don't have much to say. Last night I wanted to post something about how in love I am with my little man. I truly am.

I was talking to Mario about how we are so anxious to get into this house.. so anxious for so many things. And in just a few short weeks, we will be these sleep deprived versions of ourselves, taking care of our child. our child. In our new home, a little family . It blows my mind. But it is helpful for me to know that, because it reminds me that things will come in good time. And if the house takes a few extra days, so be it.

That being said. I hope we get the keys this Friday!! (I have been told it may be early next week, but I am still keeping my hopes up!) Please keep your hopes up with me.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day... I can't wait for my milkshake and fries lunch with Kristine and sweet Patty. Yum.

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