Monday, March 29, 2010

12 days and counting....

This morning, I was thinking I should focus on trying to enjoy my last week or so of being pregnant, because even though I will be overwhelmed with joy when he is here, I am sure I will miss having the little guy inside of me. This option seems much better than just being anxious for him to "get out already!".

Turns out I am better at being anxious and impatient than just enjoying the moment.

It is now only noon and boy am I starting to feel some pressure. This must be what Tracey was talking about all those days we spent watching bad movies together before she gave birth to Micah. Not very enjoyable.

I still plan to try and hold back my impatient nature and appreciate the fact that I still have him all to myself. Twisting and turning inside of me.

Hopefully, when this is all over, I will remember the things I love about being pregnant, like feeling him move around inside of me; and my belly... yes, I love my pregnant belly. (not necessarily the fur it has decided to grow, which I assume will go away with the belly? Right?) I love daydreaming about what he will look like. And whenever I wonder why he is not moving around.. he gives a little kick to let me know he is still alive in there... getting ready to come out. It's like he knows what I am thinking.

Mario is getting very excited now too... I am loving it. I cannot wait to see him hold Vincenzo. It brings tears to my eyes just to think about it.

Our whole world is about to change. It could happen any day now.

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  1. Wow I cannot believe how close you are! To answer your belly fur question. Did you shave it? I did. DON'T! If so the fur stays.