Tuesday, March 30, 2010

...and here it is

The anxiousness has arrived. And it has brought boredom along with it. Not boredom because there is nothing to do... don't get me wrong, I could be vacuuming, cleaning, organizing, packing for the hospital, cleaning out my car, plucking my eyebrows, walking my dog, making a lasagna, an on and on. Boredom, because I am ready, again, for the next step and I am stuck waiting... again.

If you have read any of this blog.. you know I am no good at waiting.

Things I tend to do when I am bored...

lay on the couch and think about what I could eat.
think about some things I could be doing. but do nothing.
think about how I would like Vincenzo to be born, today. right now.
google labor signs. "How do I know when I am barely starting to go into labor?"
Sit in Vincenzo's room and daydream.
Write in my blog.

I am not sure I would want to be shooting at this point, but I certainly did not need to take a whole month off before the baby arrived like I had originally thought.. I am glad that those plans did not work out.

I wish Mario had spring break every week... then he could hang out with me. By the way, I am fully aware that those of you at work, especially my husband, would give anything to be "bored" at home and have no "9-5" job to go to every day. It doesn't make me any less bored.

Maybe if Micah was feeling better, I could hang with Tracey. Or... if I had some extra $, I could go shopping. Hmmm... that reminds me. I need to go get a nursing bra.

Check ya later! I found something fun to do.


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  1. Ah, the nursing bra. Yes, they are fun at first (easy access). But oh how I wish I could wear a regular bra again!!