Friday, February 19, 2010

don't tell my husband.....

But I just bought these absolutely delicious baby legs for my little guy. I keep seeing them around, but they seem so girly and I thought Mario would kill me if I tried to dress our sweet boy in tights. We will see if he even wears them... it will be close to 100 degrees pretty quickly after he is born. We'll just have to keep the house really cold. I couldn't find a good picture of a boy wearing them, but we will get one when he arrives!

Web-Leg-Warmers--P255.aspx.jpg Touch-Down-P306.aspx.jpg

now... what else can I do to avoid cleaning my house....


  1. You will love those when he starts crawling and scooting around! Lyla always had on onesies and we would slip on the baby legs and off she'd go. No red knees from the cold tile!

  2. You can get them for cheap at a local shop at

    Like PP said they protect against red dirty knees when they start to crawl. Here is Vinny in his.

    (When he started walking he would always pull them down lol)