Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I do not have an ectopic pregnancy. I do not have an ectopic pregnancy. I do not....

I realize this is my first post since the big announcement and I am filled with all sorts of excitement, nerves, questions, and FEARS!!

The fear that I have an ectopic pregnancy. I have cramping, light cramping at that. My new mantra is... "I do not have an ectopic pregnancy."

google is seriously freaking me out. (especially at 3am this morning)

It is so weird to actually BE pregnant. Weird and wonderful. I have been taking a few days to let it all sink in and it is so amazing to know that my body is currently making a human. A person is growing inside me. Blows my mind.

All of this fascinating stuff is happening and I can already feel it. And everything I feel, for some reason, makes me think something is wrong. Is it possible that I am just PREGNANT? I would hope that if a human was being made inside my body - I would feel something, right?

I think I am too in tune with my body. I feel too much going on. I bet if I had no symptoms, I would be terrified for a whole slew of other reasons.

Either way, I am taking hold of my sister-in law's advice and just "going with it".



  1. I swear I left you a comment on here earlier today...don't worry honey you do not have an ectopic pregnancy! I think we as mother's just over think things with our bodies! Every little thing must mean something! The worries will never fully go away...but I think everything that you are feeling is completely normal in early pregnancy. With Lyla I had cramps on and off the entire pregnancy... And some were very intense! With Lyla I also bled. But no worries, I now have an amazing and beautiful 14 month old. So try to think positive thoughts. Thinking of you. Hugs!

  2. Now you know how I felt when I was first pregnant and you kept telling me everthing will be fine and not to worry. So now I'm telling you the same thing. Pam everything will be fine dont worry. :)

  3. Oh, you should really NOT Google things. Last time I did that for my random symptoms, I ended up with genital herpes (not really, but that's what Google said)

  4. don't read the bad stuff, it just makes you freak out!

  5. Pam, cramping is totally normal. You're uterus has to grow in order to make room for that precious little baby growing inside of you. Don't be surprised if you are crampy throught the pregnancy.

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