Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So it has been about a week since I discovered I could get pregnant any minute now - and still be covered under my husband's long awaited medical insurance - and I have:

  1. chosen a possible doctor.
  2. checked out 5 pregnancy books from the local library, (including titles such as, The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, Green Baby, and Louder than words - the Jenny McCarthy Autism book). Yes, you can already see my pregnancy personality developing - organic, afraid and hoping for a sense of humor.
  3. Read 2 of these pregnancy books.
  4. Decided on names. Yes, my sweet daughter's name has been picked out for YEARS, Isabella, but I am currently working on Nico, for my first son. I say "first" son, because, let's face it, I married a Bernasconi, and I say "working on", because I need to get Mario on board.
  5. Taken a pregnancy test. To clarify, we haven't actually started trying yet, but somehow, all of this "pregnancy" talk convinced me that I was actually pregnant. It took really bad cramps, a negative pregnancy test and having my period for 2 full days, to actually convince me that I was, in fact, not pregnant.
  6. Checked numerous ovulation calculators to see when the "best" time to conceive will be. And also, to see when I would actually give birth.
    Given up on planning a perfect time of the year to get pregnant - ASAP sounds like the best plan to me.
  7. Driven Mario a little crazy - he certainly doesn't understand all of this planning - it is just not in his blood. Good thing I like to plan - I can take care of it for the both of us :)

Now all I have to do is GET PREGNANT! I'll keep you posted....



  1. HAHA!!! This is too cute Pam--you are so ready. Jeepers, now all you need to do is have a little s e x with your hubby and create that perfect little girl we are all anxiously awaiting!!! Yay! I can't wait for that news. Love you friend. You make me smile.

  2. Totally understand that thinking you are pregnant even though you have your period. When you want something so bad you are willing to belive anything. I remeber researching having your period while pregnant and thinking well it is possible I could be pregnant even if I get my period but thankful I never even had to deal with that since I got pregnant our first month trying.

    I like the name Nico. It was hard to find a name that Paul and I agreed on. Jackson was the only one. I cant wait to hear that you are pregnant! I'm so excited for you!