Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Early Riser...

6:00 AM woke up thinking about my test after a very vivid dream about getting a positive result.

6:15 AM still trying to go back to sleep...

6:45 AM I might as well get up and take the damn test, otherwise I will never get back to sleep.


7:00 AM I'll just get up and check it one more time. Still negative. No matter how wide I open my eyes, no matter how close I look. Still Negative.

The rest of the day: rationalizing as to why it is totally ok that I am most likely not pregnant, while still holding on to a tiny glimmer of hope that the tests are wrong.


  1. don't get too discouraged friend. I know exactly what you are going through...and your positive result will come, even if it is not this month. Now try your best to wait 3 days and test again--they say the hcg hormone almost triples every three days. I hate the 2 ww too. I have had a strange past month with pregnancy--got pregnant a couple months ago, then miscarried (for the 3rd dang time.) It just never gets easier. But I am praying for you and your POSITIVE...just hang in there friend.

  2. After months of trying I decided to take Vitex after a month we got a positive HPT!!

    Hope you get your positive soon! :D

  3. Oh and with this little one I took a test a week before my period and it was negative (took it JIC cause I Was getting a tattoo). Well when the period never came I waited another week and that's when I got the results.. So hang in there sometimes you just have to let time and waiting drive you crazy.

  4. there's always next time, sometimes it takes a while, just think happy thoughts, luv you