Friday, September 18, 2009

still hanging on

Hularious. Absolutely hularious. I just re-read my last blog posting.

Preggie Pops work? What a crock. They work if I am not actually sick, but so anxious for these pregnancy symptoms to rear their ugly head, that I simply imagine I am sick.

For real morning sickness, for me at least, nothing works. And I will lie on the couch for weeks on end, getting up only to vomit, pee, and go to bed. Thankfully my loving husband will care for me - clean up my mess - make me endless amounts of peanut butter toast and bring me thousands of water glasses that I can barely get down. He will hang out with me on the weekends - not because I am such a hoot - but because he knows I have been watching bad tv all week - ALONE - and I could use the company. He will even tell me several times that I am "so beautiful" even though I have yet to shower, have not plucked my eyebrows in over a month, have a terribly frightening mustache, and my hair looks like a true rats nest. Oh I do love him.

Eventually I will have to get a prescription for Zofran -which it turns out - actually works. At least enough to take the edge off. Now if there were only a magic pill that gave me some type of appetite! I swear I will never eat gluten free bread again when this is over - I am living on it.

Enough. On to the more exciting moments in pregnancy.

Wednesday was my 29th birthday. And as a very special gift, my little one decided to pop out, just enough for me to see. Just enough for me to feel like there is actually a child growing inside of me. I feel much more connected to her (or him) now - its on a completely different level. My family and friends also came over to celebrate with me. They brought ice cream sundays - it was lovely and I was so grateful that they took the time to come see up - raising my spirits.

And even though I have lost something like 12 lbs. over these past few weeks, (yes, my skinny jeans that used to be too tight are now lose - and fit perfectly), my belly still sticks out and I can't wait for it to get bigger!! (I know Tracey - I am crazy, you can remind me of this when I am close to delivery and complaining about a whole slew of new things.)

I've been to a new Dr's Office and seen the nurse midwife there - she was very sweet and informative. After watching tv and movies all my life - I was under the impression that I would have a sonogram at my first Dr's appointment, and I was quite disappointed to find out that I have to wait until November!! What the crap? Oh well, I guess it will be that much more exciting. We will be able to find out the sex. I am feeling girl - and my sister in law informs me that my chinese chart says I am having a girl. You can't go wrong with that!

Hopefully this nasty sickness passes sooner than later - in a couple weeks we will get to hear the tiny heartbeat. I can't wait!


  1. You know, it is fun when you get to see when your belly grows, no matter what Tracey says! :) (I loved it!) I'm sorry to hear that you're so sick all the time. As, for the Chinese calendar, it said I was having a boy!

  2. it will all be worth it in the end,so sorry you are so sick, but good thing the medication helps, don't worry about your appetite, pretty soon all you will want to do is eat! luv you